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Since wedding gowns and attendants' dresses are ordered according to a size chart and because most of our bodies aren't made in designer proportions, most people will need alterations to make their dress fit like a glove. Brides and their bridal parties also tend to lose weight before the big day and will need the dress taken in. Most dresses can be made smaller by several sizes and can be made larger by about an inch while still maintaining the shape of the dress.

In our experience, some bridesmaids find out they will be welcoming a little one into the world after they have already ordered their bridesmaid dress. Most designers offer fabric by the yard, and most of the time, we can order the fabric and have our seamstress add the fabric to the dress. Problem solved!

Our seamstress, Cici, has 30 years of experience in altering these precious gowns. She provides quality alterations at reasonable prices.

For your convenience, Cici meets appointments at our boutique on Thursdays between 11:30am - 7:00pm. Please allow 4-8 weeks for bridal gown alterations and 2-4 weeks for bridal party alterations.

The price of bridal gown alterations usually range between $500 -$1000 and is dependent on the areas that need to be altered and the degree of difficulty. Bridal party alterations usually range between $50 - $150.

Please call Houston Bridal Gallery to schedule an appointment on a Thursday.

If you cannot schedule an appointment at Houston Bridal Gallery on a Thursday and would like to use our seamstress, please make an appointment at her store:

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6978 #F Cypress Creek Pkwy
Houston, Texas 77069
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